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H2 is a young company focusing on small- to medium scale green-energy integrated hydrogen applications. Hydrogen is not (yet) seen as a commodity application, and the few suppliers today focus on their own product. Integrated solutions, especially for mid-size companies and residential applications are mostly researched by the end-user. Excess renewable energy produces hydrogen that can be stored for an unlimited time. Hydrogen can be used to power your appliances, drive your cars, and heat your homes. Renewable energy intermittency as know from solar systems is solved and we can end our reliance on fossil fuels.


To that, H2-bv provides advisory services to compose technical and economical durable configurations. The many possible applications require a good understanding of the various hydrogen technologies for electrolyzing (in PEM or AEM), purifying, storage possibilities and compression techniques, and the many types of H2-fuel cells. Stationary applications, or mobility questions: we are  able to understand your needs and translate in a sound technical solution.

Why H2-bv?

H2-bv started off as a start-up to cover the existing gap in individual hydrogen component suppliers and an integrated logical system. As the hydrogen supply chain is not widely established or diversified today, our customers seek the logic and objectiveness of the different solutions and systems. H2-bv can help, make an overview of the requirements and possibilities, and advise on the wide spectrum of possibilities in the new Hydrogen economy. We have a broad network of known and unknown players in this field, were we combine green power in direct use with the (seasonal) storage for later use of that energy.

Why Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the perfect renewable fuel for our future and can be reversibly turned into electricity for energy storage.

About The Team

The H2 team consists of people with experience in industry, society and academia and therefore offers a great knowledge basis for all kinds of projects.

 Rob, mechanical engineer and industrial company director for (too) many years. I believe we must share energy and knowledge with all people on all continents. I have a wonderful wife, 5 great children, and ambition to help preserve this wonderful planet for the generations to come.  Ton, mechanical engineer and I have long experiences in the Solar business and project management. I want to help in problems that humanity faces in the energy transition. From my solar experience I clearly see the need for storage solutions. I am convinced that hydrogen will play a major role in this!  Rens, an aspiring chemical engineer with a background in hydrogen technology and research. Nature and the natural sciences are my passion, so I would love to use my passion for the sciences to preserve my other passion, our precious planet.  Gerco, an aspiring chemical engineer with the vision of a sustainable future powered by hydrogen generated from renewables like hydro, wind and solar.

News & Projects

H2-bv wins Smart Smarter SmartEAST prize!















During a sustainability event at Twente Airport the winners of the Pioneering sustainability prize 'Smart Smarter SmartEAST'

were announced. Pioneering was looking for smart ideas and solutions to seven challenging societal problems. All problems has a link to housing or infrastructure. Together with the municipality of Dalfsen, H2-bv had proposed a hydrogen powered water distribution system for the agricultural sector. Now, farmers need the engines of tractors to supply the necessary power for the pumps. Next to the fact that a tractor runs on the not so clean diesel fuel it is also required to be stationary throughout the day when the water distribution has to take place. With the hydrogen powered pumping system, the farmer can again freely use the tractor which would be otherwise occupied for other chores. This idea also has a connection to the future where farmers might also generate their own hydrogen from solar panels on their barns. H2-bv was awarded a total prize of 35.000 EURO to look into this application further. Talks have already started with partner companies to start the production of such hydrogen devices.


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